Czech Republic

The jury – high-level competence for a final decision that is not susceptible to any influence!

In the globally unique, three-step awarding process for ecologically sustainable brands, the final decision lies with the jury members. They check all submitted validation documents on a voluntary basis – including the respective evaluations – and make an independent decision.

The jury is comprised of high-ranking representatives from business, science, media, agencies and environmental associations. We are now pleased to introduce the jury members of the current process in the Czech Republic:

The Jury Members of the GREEN BRANDS Czech Republic 2019/2020 respectively 2020/2021

Sandra Feltham

President of Business Leaders Forum & CEO
Flagship Consulting


Bedřich Molda

Deputy Director
Center for Environment

Vojtěch Kotecký

Senior Analyst , Environment, Energy and Investment Division
Glopolis think-tank

Jozef Novák


Jiří Koželou

Program director (Climate, Energy amd Waste)
Hnutí Duha, Friends of the Earth Czech Republic

Peter Rakovský

Senior Consultant
denkstatt Slovakia

Aleš Kuták

Head of the Subsidy Programs and External Relations Sections
Chamber for Renewable Energy

Lenka Heuerová

CO-Owner, Coach, Consultant
Fair Venture

Kateřina Urbánková

Manager( President)
PRO-BIO – Association of Organic Farmers