The jury – high-level competence for a final decision that is not susceptible to any influence!

In the globally unique, three-stage awarding process for ecologically sustainable brands, the final decision lies with the jury members. They voluntarily check all submitted validation documents – including the respective evaluations – and make an independent decision.

The jury is composed of high-ranking representatives from business, science, media, agencies, and environmental associations. We are pleased to introduce here the jury members of the current process in Slovakia:

Beata Hlavčáková

CSR Company Slovakia


Martina Kolesárová

Pontis Foundation

„As in other areas,  also in the field of environmental protection and in preventing climate change we need to get to the root of the problem. Sustainable products, the transition to clean energy and so on are very important. It is even more important to engage with the economic causes and consequences of climate change. One of the quotes I like is from Dr Seuss’s The Lorax: Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
Erik Koronczi
Erik Koronczi

Superbrands Slovakia

Sustainability is no longer just a fad, but an indispensable part of the strategy of brands that care about the environment and the future. That’s why it’s important that brands and their sustainable activities are seen and rewarded. The GREEN BRANDS award is ideal for this, giving sustainable brands a platform and highlighting their responsible and systematic efforts in this area.

Jana Kutlíková

Brand PR Digital Slovakia

„For me, living in reverence is the absolutely key. To respect other people, animals and, of course, nature. To respect life because life is nature at its very core. Since I am also a mom, I teach this to my son. Overall, what I love most about my job is passing on the ideas to the next generation..“

Klaudia Medalová

Young Reporters for the Environment/ Centre for Environmental Activities

Humanity is currently facing a multitude of environmental challenges and it is high time we took action – from legislative and financial instruments to changing consumer behaviour. The first step may be to save a little, to find local producers and, where we cannot buy this way, to prefer products from trusted eco-producers or with a trusted eco-label.

Radoslav mizera
Radovan Mizera


Mother Nature offers us the perfect design and it is our most important business partner, so let’s finally start working with Her, creating the ultimate productivity and quality of life.
Barbara Plachá

Green Building Council Slovakia

Allow me me to make a personal wish: let sustainability become a natural part of the normal approach to life, and not only in construction, then we can live in a healthy long-term sustainable environment in green buildings and beyond.

Daniel Rabina web
Daniel Rabina

Green Talk Agency

When I founded Green Talk in 2017, I had a vision of an agency that would deliver marketing services to fair-minded businesses that were aware of the importance of environmental and social sustainability. Today, I’m pleased to say that this goal, however idealistic it may have initially seemed, is largely being fulfilled. Thanks to clients in the field of geothermal energy or ecological waste management, we are collectively contributing to the public placing greater emphasis on these issues and beginning to see them realistically. We have been able to achieve this thanks to our clients’ high-quality professional background, which results in transparent and data-driven communication far removed from the fashionable but incorrect “greenwashing”.

Green Brands porota Peter rakovskz
Peter Rakovský

Denkstatt Slovakia 

Combining entrepreneurial thinking with knowledge from the natural, technical and social sciences is the way we at Denkstatt have been finding and applying these solutions since 1993. That’s why we believe that rewarding companies that promote the sustainable development of their activities is extremely important. Not only as a reward for their voluntary contribution to environmental protection, but also as a motivation for others.
_DSC5391-compressed II
Roman Šterbák

Slovak Association for Branded Products

Our planet’s environment is facing negative impacts. There is still time to take decisive action. It seems a difficult task, but we still have the opportunity to reverse some of the negative trends, to take action to minimise the damage, to restore very important ecosystems and to protect much more rigorously what we have left.